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Take the lead!

Take the lead!


Take the LEAD Ladies!

Ladies! Fantastic news! If you’ve been waiting for a man to seduce you, now’s the time for YOU to take the lead. Or at least hint a little bit more obviously what you want.

Our professional date coaches act as a go between for relationships with gentlemen that we introduce to you. We are capable of teaching you dating skills and preventing relationship issues before they begin.

However we can’t make a man fall in love with you! You have to be charming, and flirty and seductive enough that your guy takes notice and falls for your charms. If you’re looking to date a calm studious professional the way you approach the date will be different from if you’re going after a charismatic millionaire but this one things holds true, no one can decide for you and no one can take action for you.

If you wait, someone else might take that action first.

Find love today through one of our professional date coaches and matchmakers.

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Hey There Handsome!

Hey There Handsome!


Surprise Him!

“You look amazing in that dress”, “I planned just to meet you for coffee but I think I’ll take the rest of the afternoon off”.

What lady doesn’t like to be complimented? Or surprised with dinner or flowers or whatever!

The same is true for men. We love to be pampered and surprised and told how amazing we are by the women in our lives and who we are dating.

Have a crush on a guy and want him to notice you? Try taking initiative and compliment him on his hair or shirt or jokes.

He might secretly like you but think you’re unapproachable, Rejection is part of life and how we learn. There’s everything to gain by taking action.

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Have FUN!

Ok ladies, this one isn’t just for the guys, and it’s not the guys job alone to create all the fun and energy in the relationship. That might be ok in the first part of the relationship but if you are with a guy who is providing all the energy, then he will probably grow tired of the miss match as much as you.

You probably understand that but what a lot of singles get wrong, especially if they haven’t dated in a while is that elements of fun and attraction building are crucial the throughout the dating process, courtship, and even deep into a long-term relationships,

You need to energize him to like you as much as the other way. Dates are fun! Yes there are serious times, and while you need to understand how you two match on hobbies or careers or life paths. First you two have to be able to have fun together.

Let our professional date coaches find a great match for you, so you can focus on enjoying your dates.

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Be the Best YOU!

Think of the hottest, sexiest man that you can. Is he a famous actor? Does he teach yoga at your gym? Would you love for him to ravish you on a sandy beach under the stars?

What would it take for you to get and KEEP a man like this? Would you just have to have the courage to talk to him, is it enough for you to look cute and wait passively for him to approach you or would you need to improve yourself first?

Maybe you realize that beauty is only skin deep and you just want a man with a really great career and an amazing heart. These men also exist in our world and they are looking for fantastic women.

To succeed with the man that you want to succeed with, it’s important to notice why we already don’t have that man in our lives.

Perhaps we focus too much on our career and not enough on our social lives, or we hate ourselves for the way that we look or feel and then indulge in habits and thought patterns that keep us locked into feeling the same way and dating the same guy over and over and over.

Our professional relationship counselors can set you up with men but the real work in finding and keeping an amazing man, the man of your dreams always starts with you becoming the best you that you can become.

The good news is that our counselors are equipped to help you become that amazing you with decades of advice and sometimes even that kick in the butt that you need to succeed.

Give us a call 808-924-4481 M-F 9-6 and we’ll set up a free relationship consultation to get you on the path to the best you you’ll ever know.