Date Advice for Men

Turn Her On

Turn Her On


Ignite Her Volcano

As professional date coaches and matchmakers we know how hard it can be to meet women so we do the hard work for you and all you have to do is show up on your date and have a great time.

This means unlike in the real world of dating women you randomly meet at bars or clubs or wherever, our women already have a sense of who you are and that you’re a great guy.

But if you just go on dates and talk about your job or your hobby you’ll never land the girl of your dreams. You have to turn her on with passion and confidence. Your passion can be your hobby as long as you sound and feel passionate. Make her FEEL! Tell her she is amazing. Flirt with her.

Not sure how to do this? Well practice makes perfect. Go out and meet lots of women. Have fun, try explaining yourself to the girl in different ways, HAVE FUN dating.

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Get Closer

All of our first dates start with something simple like coffee or a cocktail or juice and maybe pupus.

They are designed to be low stress and so that you can meet women on a flexible schedule.

Here’s a quick tip hat you might have overlooked. Just like you want to have an open and welcoming body position on dates (don’t cross your arms; no hands in your pockets), it’s also beneficial if you stand or sit beside you date.

This isn’t so that you can tickle her or grab her leg before she’s indicated that that’s ok, it’s because sitting across from someone can feel like an interview.

Guys, we have lots of options where to go on dates in our beautiful state. You can sit at Starbucks and talk for 3 hours, but you’ll probably be more successful if you move locations during your date.

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Hi There

Hi There


Take Initiative

We understand men, the 21st century is challenging; it can be difficult to find and attract and keep amazing beautiful women, the type you want to date.

Here at Hawaii Dating we make the process easy for you by arranging date for you so than all you have to do is show up. You still have to be awesome on your date and that’s where we come in.

We give you advice on how to be a more confident dater and for many men all they need to do is take initiative when on a date with a woman. Make her feel good, have a plan for where you would like to go, pay attention to her body language if she is interested or not and above all keep the energy moving in a positive direction.

This is a new chapter in your life with a new person, and you’ll want to be every bit as amazing and engaging as you can to attract and keep the amazing women who you desire.

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Who are you?!

Who are you?!


Find Yourself FIRST!

Looking to find the girl of your dreams? Look no further than the mirror and inside yourself.

Many men search outside of themselves, chasing beautiful women or dreaming of the perfect partner and hoping beyond all hope to meet them one day.

We see other men who are stronger, better looking, more confident have more money whatever and we get depressed with who we are. Or we see men who we feel are not as good looking, as wealthy or as in shape as we are and we wonder: “How did that guy do it?!” “Why does she like him?”

The truth is that success in any area of your life requires work, patience, practice and ultimately self love and acceptance for who you are. The true path to happiness is to become comfortable and understand the things about us that we CAN change, that we are WILLING to change, and the things that we are UNWILLING or UNABLE to change.

Women who are looking for a long term relationship aren’t looking for the best most amazing man in the world but rather someone who is willing to accept not only their limitations as men but the limitations in their partner with compassion and be willing to constantly improve themselves and grow not only as a person but also as a couple.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to succeed financially or athletically or in whatever way that you want but you should be doing these things for yourself, not for women.

When you are able to create a zone, an aura of comfort and attraction around you, then women will naturally be drawn to you.

Our service provides date and relationship coaching and most of our coaching focuses on how you can improve your life, and your level of attractiveness and love yourself so that women in turn will be attracted to and love you.

The first step is to call one of our counselors and set up an appointment. We’ll give you the tools that you need to succeed in your life and ultimately with women. Our office is open M-F 9-6 and our counselors are standing by. 8089244481